Sculpted in Barangay Lag-On, Daet, Camarines Norte, Amimar Residences is a guarded residential development blooming with 298 symmetrically designed modern homes.

Home designs were created by international-renowned Filipino planners placing emphasis on living and leisure spaces without sparing aesthetics. To suitably meet the right space that you need, home lots were cut into three different sizes — 104sqm, 120sqm and 150sqm.

Floor plans for each home lot were designed conventionally, while alternative frontages were conceptualized to give prospective buyers options for the look of their homes.

In the course of its future expansion, Amimar Residences will have the same amenities and facilities that are at par with the modern and exclusive villages of major urban cities.



Established in 2014, ACE-MIMAR is a property developer determined to make a mark on the industry with its showcase project: Amimar Residences. The 5-hectare residential
development is just the first phase of its elaborate 18-hectare master plan.

As the prime mover of this grandiose evolution right in the
heart of Daet, Camarines Norte, ACE-MIMAR aims to build
modern residences and structures, including a commercial area, thus creating a new lifestyle that co-exists with the province’s exotic environment. The natural beauty of Daet serves as a
perfect backdrop to this highly-urbanized development that eventually will be the toast of its comprovincianos.